Selected publications to become available in Spanish.

Selected publications will also become available in Spanish, one of the most beautiful languages in the world. This romance language is characterized by its incredibly difficult inflection, declination, grammatical gender, additional three letters, and accent marks while having an impressive thirty-two possible tenses. Yet, remarkably, it shares thousands of similar words with the English language.

The current Spanish-speaking market in the United States is 43,000,000, and it is expected that by the year 2050, one in three persons in the United States will speak it. Therefore, the importance of offering our stories in this language aligns with Piramide Dorada Publications' values of addressing minorities while delivering accurate translations just as the writers intended.

Titles in development:

  • A Pyramid Lake Story: Below the Surface:
Status: Translation ready. Getting ready to publish.
Translation: From American English (US-EN) to American Spanish (US-ES)
Company: Raquel Lebron Traducciones
License: Piramide Dorada Publications
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