Author of A Pyramid Lake Story: Below the Surface, Ricardo L. Ogdon.

Author of A Pyramid Lake Story

Featured author Ricardo L. Ogdon is a Paraguayan advertiser and author of A Pyramid Lake Story: Below the Surface, the first book in a trilogy he wrote while residing in Washoe County, Nevada. He was drawn by the beauty of nature in the area, inspiring him to research the Native American tribe that inhabited the region.

Mr. Ogdon has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Advertising. He is also a graphic designer, photographer, web developer, founder of an advertising agency, an e-commerce shop owner, and a technology enthusiast. When not invested in his many projects, he likes to take long walks through Central Park.

Now, a part-time writer, Mr. Ogdon, calls Manhattan home. You can visit him at

Ricardo L. Ogdon

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